Dimsunpress | Building websites

What we do


Here at DIMSUN we embrace the use of Wordpress. We simply love it! It has an user-friendly interface so you can keep track of your website and have total control while we make the framework and design for you. Wordpress is an universal platform for building websites. It has a flexibel structure and it is easy for maintenance. Wordpress is the most used platform for today's webdeveloper and designer.


Today's websites are accessible through all sort of media. There are iPhones, Samsung's, tablets. phablets etc. We make your website available for every type of device, whether it is a tablet, mobile phone or desktop computer. The website scales to an optimized size based on the the screen you are using.


We don't like endless endless development and such. Websites should be quick and easy to control and above all, simple and beautiful. We can build your website, webshop or blog in a couple of weeks. We also offer a service to setup your website in one or two days.